How it started Edit

The New Army Of Chernarus never existed until late 2017, A man mostly called Djkie2point000 or Skullcruncherpatfan after getting on discord in very late 2016, Was inspired by DAYZ, A game by Bohemia Interactive, To make a new faction called The New Army of Russia, This faction was never official and sadly was stuck to DAYZ, But soon later after demands, He made it to where the faction played on: DayZ, Rust, Arma 3, And Garry's Mod, But before that he 'hired' 3 bots: Dyno, Fredboat, And ServerHound, Later in the very date 11/30/2017 he renamed The New Army of Russia to The New Army of Chernarus, The New Army of Chernarus was activated between the rename of TNAoC and the creation, When Gerfarf and Mr. Lemons joined the soon-to-be faction, Skull then activated it 3 days later.

The first ever divisions Edit

Skull made five divisions for the clan: Army (Beginning, PVT - CPL), Marine Corps (SGT - MSGT), 1st Infantry Division (LT - CPT), 2nd Orbital Drop Shock Unit (LTG - 5-GEN), And the 3rd Spartan Program (VCOM and COM), Sadly only one was not part of the Army, Which was Skull.

The upranking Edit

Two soldiers finally climbed the ranks through and out of the Army: slayer3000bot (SGT) and Terkov (LT), Which impressed Skull and made him believe that his faction will go VERY far

The great warnings of November Edit

A post made by Skull in the rules

10: You must join the #military-vcomm and Main Comms VOICE CHAT in a activity check or else you'll be penalized
was taken as a joke by the other soldiers, Even slayer3000bot wasn't following the rule, So Skull used Dyno to warn multiple people, Which then made Skull less impressed with the soldiers, But after one warning all the soldiers straightened up.